Natural Cycles
Natural Cycles is a contraceptive app Founded originally in Switzerland, the company now has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Measure your temperature, enter it into the app and know exactly when you need to use protection. Marketing and designing for Natural Cycles meant working against age-old notions and cultural attitudes towards sex and contraception. We regularly tested creatives that spoke to the audience with humour and fact with favourable results.  

Objective: Launch and scale subscriber numbers for Natural Cycles globally. Establish them as an effective method of contraception. Education, brand establishment, and growth.

Approach & Execution: Helped set up tracking, defined KPIs and target markets. Branding via reach and frequency campaigns. Website conversion campaigns via web & mobile. App install campaigns. Retargeting and re-engagement campaigns. Executed and delivered growth results and reached goals well above targets.
Karrot is a an app Karrot that allows you to conveniently buy and sell with your neighbours in a safe environment. When the app was launched in the UK, Karrot contacted Twigeo to help with the marketing strategy and growing plan. I was the main designer & Strategist for this client and these are some of the ads I created for them.
Headspace is one of the best know apps for mindfulness and meditation. It is designed to be used for your everyday life. It has hundreds of guided meditations to chose from. Everything from managing stress and anxiety to sleep, focus, and mind-body health. While working with Headspace, we designed & managed some of their campaigns. 
Revolut is a fintech company that is redefining the financial game, and building a global bank to suit everyones lifestyle. 

At Twigeo, we helped them with their paid campaigns across Europe (multiple markets/languages) for both - their retail and business products. I was the design lead for this client, leading a team of 3 creatives supporting Revolut with their strategy and their brand team with adapting and innovating assets for performance channels.
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