This is an animated film I created from scratch during my internship in Belleville Film. It is the intro of a new program called "På tal om sex" that will give teachers the tools they need to teach and talk about sex with different optics and approaches. 
The project contains several episodes that deal with different aspects of sex, love and relationships and the aim is to help educate young student.
For more info visit the following link
When developing this opening credits together with one of Belleville Film founders, our ideas was to always visualise things in the most simple way. We wanted to play around with perspectives and angles (bed scene with the feet) and still be able to convey the message in the most minimalistic way. The less ornaments the better. 

That goes also for the wittiness alongside the animation. We wanted this to be a fun, non-awkward topic, so the idea from the very beginning was to try to explain PTO6 within the 25 seconds that lasts the opening in a fun a casual way. 
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