As my role as Media Producer in Nordnet, I am responsible for the podcasts we produce. We have a total of 6 podcasts; 4 for each Nordic country (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) with focus on finance and on trying to help savers invest and save in a cleverer way.

Then we have #feminvest, a podcast run by women and directed specially to them. Here Nordnet collaborates with Feminvest and delivers a weekly podcast. The mail goal is teach people how investments can be easy and profitable.
Finally we also have a tech podcast called #nntech. In this space,  Marcus Castenfors and Tuva Palm, both  nordneters, bring fresh perspectives from the Fintech world, interviews with notable entrepreneurs in the startup scene, and discuss tools and methods that will make work more fun and rewarding.

My main task is to record and edit the podcast delivering a good audio quality, as well as designing the banners and Soundcloud artwork for them. My tasks include also to take pictures suitable for the banners as well as for the Soundcloud profiles. The main challenge here is make each podcast stand out, as well as to maintain a similar look and feel and design templates that bring agility to the weekly work of updating stuff in all the podcasts.

 You can listen to some episodes in the playlists below. Enjoy!
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