This animation is part of a bigger Nordnet Nordic campaign. Nordnet had it´s 20 years birthday and wanted to share some joy between those who were part or wanted to join the nordic bank.
This is a teaser animation that was going to be released on Social Media during the weekeend, previous to the campaign start that was on monday. It was made in order to awake curiosity in the public and make followers and viewers interested in what was about to come.
This is the whole animation where we explain the offer that was part of the campaign. It´s done in all 4 nordic languages, even though I only show here the Swwedish version. The idea was to rapidly say what the deal was in order to keep people interested. At the same time, we wanted to keep in place some aestethics and animation enhancements. Our base was a strict colour palette and a party mood that followed a strict minimalism.
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