Here are some of the pictures I take as part of my work as a Media Producer at Nordnet. I countinuosly update them... If you want to take a closer look visit my album in flickr.
Tuva Palm - Chief Technical officer - Nordnet
Håkan Nyberg - CEO - Nordnet
Christina Juhlin-Dannfelt - Head of Customer Service - Nordnet
Eva Trouin - Country Manager - Nordnet Sweden
Product Design Team - Nordnet
Product Design team got featured in Invision. Read the following article and see some more pictures from that day here:
Jacob Andersen - Local Business Developer - Nordnet Denmark
Norways kundservice team
Nicolaj Buthler - Head of Private Banking - Nordnet Denmark
Marie Francesca Michl - CRM Content Manager - Nordnet
Suvi Tuppurainen - Head of Sales and Marketing Finland - Nordnet
Niklas Odenwall - Country Manager Finland - Nordnet
Aereal shot logo - Nordnet
New org site. Recreuitment photo - Nordnet
Picture for #Feminvest podcast 
Emelie Karlsson - Event Coordinator - Nordnet
Marko Ivanic -Deputy CTO - Nordnet
Lina Milton - CRM business & Premium - Nordnet
Joakim Bornold - Sparekonom - Nordnet
Tuva Palm - Chief Technical officer - Nordnet
Picture for the podcast #nntech
Design Sprints at Nordnet
Design Sprints at Nordnet
Peter Dalhgren - VD - Nordnet
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