I have been working closely with the FLIKK team during the past year helping them design their website and also their Ipad and mobile Apps.
Flikkt is a project that is developing a technology allows you to read your favorite books, in a foreign language, with the ability to get immediate, one-touch and human context-sensitive translations of difficult words into your native language.
Below you will find some of the pages and elements I designed for them. The idea was to be faithfull to the color palette and some of the elements they already had.
Login page english version
Login page spanish version
Classroom. here student and/or teachers can have a bigger picture of everything that´s happening in the program.
Chat and question room so that students and teachers can communicate inside the app.
Prestudy Room. Now empty, but meant to collect all the vocabulary the student needs to review
This is the banner/add design I made for Flikkt´s appearence in "It´s Learning"; a learning management system that enables teachers to better facilitate instructional delivery and engage today’s “digitally” wired students. The aim with the banner was not only draw the attention to Flikkt, but also try to explain and point out some of the most awesome features the app has.
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