Flikkt has developed and with the new feature of the app comes also a new video showing all the new things this app has to offer. I have been working closely with Avison Communication and Flikkt to deliver a new video tutorial that would help them explain the features of Flikkt. A new iPad and iPhone app now turned into a web service, that helps you improve your language skills in a clever and fast way.

Our idea was to create something modern, minimalist and attractive that could work as a short film showing how Flikkt allows users to improve their language skills with context-sensitive translations.​​​​​​​
Flikkt es na nueva aplicación para iPad y iPhone que se ha convirtido en un servicio web, que ayuda a mejorar sus habilidades lingüísticas de una manera inteligente y rápida. 
He estado trabajando estrechamente con Avison Communication y Flikkt para ofrecer un nuevo video tutorial que explique las características de esta aplicación.
Nuestra idea era crear algo moderno, minimalista y atractivo que pudiera funcionar como un cortometraje y mostrar cómo Flikkt permite a los usuarios mejorar sus habilidades lingüísticas con traducciones sensibles al contexto.​​​​​​​
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