This is a projet me and my team (Alejandro Estrada, Ryo Takahashi, Cornelia Ryås and Joakim Areschoug) have been working at for the last weeks, for the Illuminated Immersion Expo that took place in Tvålpalaset in Stockholm the past Thurdsday 18th of October.

For this project we got a brief from Simon Jones, and the brief consisted basically in 3 simple rules:
1 - You have to explore animation as much as you can and end up with a 30 second video.
2 - You have to start with a circle and end with a circle
3- You get a music track from me (Simon) and you can choose the 30 sec of that song that suits you best, but never edit it.

And so after 3 weeks of intense ideation and exploration of animation techniques, we came up with our character, "Momoko", and a 30 sec piece that tell us the history of this character being trapped in this circle/world where she is born. Momoko affects by her movements and choices the world she lives in, but she gets also affected by what happens in the world.

I hope you enjoy the video!
Behind the scenes

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